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Cylindrical In-line photovoltaics fuse-links

 ETI has developed its own solution for the In-line protection of photovoltaic modules against reverse currents. The solution is in cylindrical gPV fuse-links with crimp caps which are designed for direct crimping PV conductors with a corresponding crimping tool. Crimp connection allows connecting PV conductors cross-section from 4 to 6 mm2. Fuse-links are developed according to the IEC 60269-6, UL 248-19 and meet all In-line requirements.

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Cylindrical In-line fuse-links are available in size 10x85 for 1500V d.c. PV systems up to 20A.Sizes 10x38 for 1000V d.c. and 10/14x85 for 1500V d.c. PV systems are available upon request.The main benefit of using In-line fuse-links could be reduced installation costs because there is no need for string combiner boxes. In-line fuse-links can be electrically insulated by overmolding in plastic or using heat-shrink and are perfect for integration in PV wire harness.



- Crimp connection 4 – 6 mm2                                                              

- Breaking capacity 50kA

- Silver-plated contact caps

- No fuse holder required

- Perfect for integration in PV wire harness     


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