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EFI eV RCCBs - a reliable e-mobility protection

The EFI eV residual current circuit breaker is intended exclusively for the protection of electric vehicles' charging stations. It's main advantage is compatibility with the elements of the existing protection of the electrical installation, thus eliminating the need the replace the entire panelboard if we wish to install a home charging station.


The classic A type residual current circuit breaker can become "blinded" when a DC differential current (higher than 6 mA) occurs, which means it will no longer respond to any (even AC) kind of fault. Therefore, if we wish to install an electric vehicle charging station, additional protection is required to control pure DC residual currents and trip if such currents of 6 mA or above appear. While DC residual current protection is the main function of EFI eV, it also acts as a classic type A RCCB and can be used in existing electrical installations, as opposed to installation of B type RCCBs, which requires a redesign of the entire panelboard.

The EFI eV RCCB complies with two standards: IEC / EN 61008-1, which is the standard for conventional RCCBs, and the IEC 62955 standard, which refers to protection in the event of pure DC differential currents. We currently manufacture EFI eV RCCBs with amperages up to 63 A rated current and 30 mA rated residual current for type A residual currents and of course 6 mA DC rated residual currents.



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