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New VV fuse links with lower minimum breaking currents

Introducing a new line of medium-voltage fuses VV with low minimum breaking currents, high breaking capacity up to 63 kA, two types of striker pins: 50N and 80 N (with integrated temperature dependent limiter) and reliable sealing system against humidity irruption. VV fuses are used to protect distribution transformers, high-voltage motors, high-voltage capacitors, voltage transformers...



The suitability of the new series of VV fuse-links has been confirmed by certification at the KEMA Labs Institute in Prague, which is part of the CESI Group. We obtained a new KEMA / CESI certificate for 12- and 24-kilovolt fuse-links for the I1, I2 and I3 tripping capacity tests.

CESI (KEMA) certifikat1




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